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Concept Development & Delivery

For major companies, the benefits of rolling out a new brand are many, but the implementation of new brand assets across hundreds of locations, spread over multiple countries, is a complex task.

Principle has managed international rebrands and brand refreshes for some of the world’s best known corporations and has used that experience to hone the Concept Development & Delivery methodology.

This white paper explains what the Concept Development & Delivery method is, how it reduces cost and time taken to implement a brand, how it ensures complete brand consistency across entire networks, and how problems can be managed effectively.

It looks in detail at key issues including:

  • Planning and setting objectives
  • Cost management
  • Achieving a concept design suitable for rollout
  • Balancing the competing needs of functionality and aesthetics
  • Value engineering and modularity
  • Testing and pilot schemes
  • Manufacturing and procurement
  • Project execution plans
  • Central monitoring of the rollout.

Automotive, Corporate, Healthcare, Leisure, Retail, Retail Banking

Published - 08/12/2015

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